Photographs have become an inseparable part of our lives – both in physical and digital formats. Earlier, photographs were only taken on the wedding day. But with the growth of social media, every moment needs to be captured – even if it’s before or after the wedding.

Couples seek exotic locations to not only make the pre and post wedding pictures better but the moments in which they are shot, more nostalgic! Kashmir has a plethora of wonderful places as jaw-dropping backdrops for your pre and post wedding photoshoots — intensifying the delightfulness of those special moments.

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So, let us take a look at some of the breathtaking places, which not only glorify Srinagar but also serve as an excellent spot for photo shoots.

1. Dal Lake

The jewel in the crown of Kashmir takes the top spot in our list, and deservingly so. The subduing Shikaras drifting on the glimmering waters offer a backdrop for photos that’s not only hard to come by but also difficult to match. Book a shikara and take pictures inside it. Go to Char Chinari in the shikara and you have another destination.

Source: Wedding Tinkles

The astonishing mountains on one side of Dal Lake and houseboats on another will act as a perfect background. You can also click pictures inside houseboats (of course, with permission).

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Source: Wedding Tinkles

If you want to make your shoot more special, wake up early in the morning and head to the floating market in Dal Lake.

Source: Cheema Photography

2. Boulevard Road

Running along the shore of Dal Lake, the Boulevard road offers its fabulous view which makes it another much sought-after spot of photoshoots! On the other side, there are hotels, houses, and restaurants. Thus, it is a haven for travelers and tourists.

Source: Wedding Tinkles

3. Chashma Shahi

Lying at the foothills of Zabarwan mountains, it is the smallest among all the Mughal gardens. But the beauty of the Chashma Shahi translated to ‘The Royal Spring’ is not to be underestimated. Overlooking Dal Lake, its main feature is the freshwater spring which flows down the terraces. It will definitely give a unique appeal to your pictures.

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4. Pari Mahal

On the top of Zabarwan mountains overlooking Dal Lake and a short drive further than Chashma Shahi, there lies a six-arched terraced garden. It is known as Pari Mahal or the abode of fairies.

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In Pari Mahal, you will find well-maintained and exotic multi-colored flowers. We couldn’t resist but pick this location for shoots because this architectural masterpiece will serve as an exotic foreground and background for your pictures.

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A pic could not do justice to Pari Mahal, so here’s a video.

5. Nishat

Towards the end of the Boulevard road lies one of the largest Mughal gardens known as the Nishat Bagh with the Zabarwan mountains serving as an excellent backdrop. Adding a royal touch to the pictures, the Nishat Bagh’ translates as ‘The garden of joy’.

Source: Master Visuals

Its key takeaway are the twelve beautiful garden terraces rising from lake-shore with an axial water flow system and fountains, each with its own identity. Due to its large and diverse estate, it will provide more creative freedom to your photographer resulting in much better pictures.

6. Shalimar Bagh

Ahead of Nishat Bagh lies the three terraced gardens, each with elaborate design. Known as Shalimar Bagh, the place gives a magical feel. Why not include the mystical ambience in the photo-shoots?

Source: Greenath Destination Planner

7. Harwan

Further down the road lies another Mughal Garden. Unlike its cousins, Harwan does not have any artificial fountains and terraces. However, the garden is covered with the old Chinar trees. An amazing spot for more natural foreground and background for the shoots.

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8. Nigeen Lake 

Nigeen Lake’s water is clearer and it is not as crowded as her sister. Thus, it has a unique allure for shoots with a touch of serenity. The houseboats and local shikaras increase its beauty.

Source: JK Tourism

9. Hazratbal Dargah

Resembling the stupefying beauty of the mountains itself and complimented with Dal lake, Hazratbal Dargah serves as a stunning backdrop for the shoots. The mystifying beauty of the mosque transfixes us. And we can’t help but admire this fine piece of architecture whose name literally translates to ‘Majestic Place’.

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You might have seen it in a number of national and international videos with the prime focus on pigeons. Trust us, they look magnificent in the pictures. A photo shoot in Kashmir is incomplete with them.

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Pack Your Bags

Memories of our special moments are like fine wine. As they age, they become more pleasurable. We indulge in our sweet memories when we are stressed, anxious, or just want to replenish our relationships with our dear ones.

Visiting these locations for your pre and post wedding shoots will definitely add an undying charm to them. You can also choose Kashmir as your honeymoon destination.

Now that you know about the places, book a Kashmiri wedding photographer for your pre and post wedding shoots.

Let us know what you think about the places and about your experiences in the comments below.

Author: Nandan Singh