Wedding Date

19 September 2017

Wedding Story

We knew each other as friends almost from high school. When we first met in school, there were no feelings. We just met as two regular people who never thought that one day, they will be married to each other.

We continued being good friends but by the time we crossed teenage, experienced people and things, good and bad of life, we realized we could be each other’s best friend for a lifetime.

He was the first one to initiate things. I agreed but after a good six months. I always liked him for being a cool and easy-going person who matched my level of insanity.

Eventually, Aamir told his grandfather. He asked for my dad’s number and called him directly. My dad met him and thankfully, everything went smoothly.

Favorite Wedding Moment

There were two special moments that I will always cherish. First, when I saw myself in the mirror once Saba finished my makeup.

Second, when Aamir held my hand in the car after my bidai when we left my place…

Awkward Wedding Moment

I cried so much that I had to take both my false lashes out as soon as they removed my veil (muh dikhayi).

Who Was More Interested In Wedding Planning?

I was. Aamir was just making the lists.

I planned and made the décor myself. It consisted of colored matkis, name written candles, beautiful trousseau packings, chair, different color drapes, and all the concepts of using kangris.


Bride's Outfit

Roshni Boutique & Shivani Khanna- Karol Bagh

Groom’s Outfit

Deewan Sahib

Wedding Cake

Farha Tanki

Mehndi Artist

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