Unlike weddings in other cultures which have a buffet system, things are different in a Kashmiri wedding. In our culture, we share the platter aka trammi with three others on which the attendants keep serving more dishes. It is not unusual that people are served more than they can eat and a lot of it gets wasted, which is eventually thrown away.

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Thankfully, as a society, we are aware of this and we do not consider it healthy. That’s why four packets are always served along with the wazwaan in which you can take your portion home. However, many of us find it embarrassing.

Sure, you can tell the waza not to put a particular dish, but as we know it, they rarely listen. The result – a lot of food gets wasted. And sadly, we would rather waste food than take it home. So here we present to you five valid reasons why you should not feel embarrassed to take the wazwaan home and do the right thing.

1. Food is Allah’s grace

Things which are abundant are often conceived as insignificant. Although, we realize its importance when we face its deficiency. We don’t have to put any emphasis on this, but without food, you will not live as it is Allah’s grace. Save it and treat it respectfully even if you don’t want to take it home.

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A simple example. You know how when it’s time for gushtaba, a lot of us ask for more rice to relish the yakhni rice even when the trammi is full of rice. All you need to do is dig beneath the rice covered with the soup (ras), you will find clear rice there. Why waste more rice? Of course, if there is no rice, you can ask more.

2. Take it for your family

Our ancestors devised this tradition of sharing a meal to bond with others, inculcating mutual respect and understanding. We personally think that bonding is proportional to the delightfulness of meal shared, and what is more delightful than wazwaan?

Packing your portion of wazwaan home and sharing it with your family will definitely be healthy for your relationships and invoke a positive ambiance. Who doesn’t like to relish wazwaan at home?

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3. Give it to the poor

Why not take your portion of delicious wazwaan and offer it to the less privileged? Instead of being wasted, it’ll offer someone happiness and a full belly before midnight sleep. Definitely, there is nothing more pleasing than someone’s smile and Dua for your prosperity and well-being. Nothing better to make your day, isn’t it?

4. Set an example

Especially for the children who learn by observing. You will teach them not to waste food without uttering a word and set an example for the adults as well.

If someone is doing something alone, he might fret over doing it but watching someone else doing it, s\he gets some courage for the act. It is true for this habit as well. Also, it will garner you some respect as well!

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5. Respecting Waza’s devotion

It is a well-known fact that the Waza devotes lots of time and effort in making the divine wazwaan, patiently beating the meat to intensify the flavors for more than six hours.

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Anyone who likes cooking loves watching others enjoy their dishes as well. Keep this in mind. You might present a token of unspoken appreciation for them.

Be the change you want to see in the world

We hope that the next time you attend a wedding, you will have less hesitation to pack your leftover food. Yes, it is hurtful being judged by others but doing the right thing with the right intention might just help you sleep better and make this world a better place.

We look forward to your thoughts in the comments below. Have a great day ahead. Do check out similar posts on Khandar Studio.

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Author: Nandan Singh