Where there is a celebration, there is a cake! Same is the case in Kashmir. Whether it is for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or any special occasion, cakes are a must-have. Sometimes, no occasion at all is a valid excuse too for we don’t really need a reason to have a mouthful of it.

Our minds remember the taste of a cake so well, that just the name of this all spellbinding confectionery makes our tongue crave it in an instant. We have already covered inspirational Mehndi cakes, and we are pleased to present you fascinating wedding cakes baked by our able Kashmiri bakers.

1. Save the date

A wedding date is the most important thing. It’s remembered for decades. Why not put it on a cake too?

Farah Tanki never fails to show her dexterity at baking and icing. The calendar cake representing the Nikkah date is beautifully decorated with carefully crafted roses, a small gift, and a cute clock. What do we say? It just looks amazing!

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Source:  sweet_mixc_up_by_farahtanki

2. Bridal Neckpiece

Once the date is fixed, the bride starts shopping including the one neckpiece she is going to wear on the d-day.

Farah Tanki fashioned this cake as a jewelry mannequin, on which a necklace and earrings are presented possessing an elegant design. The red and green Sapphires add to its beauty. Everyone might have been dazzled by the sheer beauty and skill of the baker at the wedding.

Source: sweet_mixc_up_by_farahtanki

3. Wedding Venue

The big day is here and the bride is ready to get Nikkah-fied. The baker has perfectly captured the wedding moment of a bride entering the wedding venue to take her vows of marriage with her husband in the near future. The chocolate cake looks so enticing that we don’t even want to cut it for the celebration.

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Source: Homebake_sgr

4. Just Nikkahfied

The wedding rings are a sign of a bond of love and loyalty. Placing the rings on the cushion cake has given a noble touch to it. It reminds a couple of a new beginning and upcoming responsibilities that need to be shared equally.

Source: toscofficial

5. Celebrate the occasion of love

What better way than showcasing it with roses and that too red? This majestic three-tier cake seems to have been prepared with much love and regard. Its minimal design is the very source of its stunning looks coupled with a bouquet of roses.

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Source: sweet_mixc_up_by_farahtanki

6. Two bodies, one soul

A great way to convey the unity of two lives in a flash. The right side designed as a blue coat is representing the groom and left designed as lehenga representing the bride. The overall look makes it very creative and symbolic of the union.

Source: toscofficial

Cakes are becoming an important part of celebrations in Kashmir, and so are these talented Kashmiri bakers. With their scrumptious artworks, they continue to not only to beautify but heighten the cheerfulness of the events as well. As always would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Author: Nandan Singh