When a girl gets married in Kashmir, she takes certain copper items with her in her trousseau. Those items are quite expensive and handcrafted by the finest copper designers called “Thaan-thurr”. The shopping for the copper items for the girl’s wedding starts at a very young age, at times. In this article, we will cover all the essential copper items that a Kashmiri bride needs.

Source: Ribbons by Samar Shawl

The idea of why a Kashmiri girl takes copper utensils to her in-law’s house might seem a little bit off the hook to people from different communities. But all such cultural norms have reasons. To some people, they might seem justifiable but for others, it might look like a waste of money.

Let’s check various copper items that one needs to buy.

NOTE: The following list sums up all the essential copper items taken from decades. The number of items may differ according to each individual. Nowadays, only the first 4 or 5 items are taken by the bride. DO NOT BUY THEM JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE MENTIONED HERE.  

1. Kandkari Samavar

Samawar is a Kashmiri version of a tea kettle (Russian origin). It is made of copper (obviously) and weighs between 7kg to 14kg. Inside the samovar, there are two areas – tea space and a narrow tube filled with coal to keep the tea hot.

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Image Source: WrapitupbyAnnam

The samavar is usually taken in two ways. The bride either takes the samawar with her on the day of baraat along with other items or it’s brought by her brother the next morning i.e., on the day of Walima.

Traditionally, it was done to check how the bride is doing at her new home since there were no cellphones back then. It is known as Khawa-khabar because samovar was earlier filled with almonds and saffron – the ingredients of khawa. Now, it’s usually filled with all varieties of dry fruits and decorated in beautiful designs.

2.  Dry fruit bowl

The dry fruit bowl is for the bride’s new room. The bowl varies in designs. Some do not have compartments while others are usually divided in four parts for different varieties of dry fruits like almonds, resins, cashews, pistachios, etc. The bride keeps the dry fruit bowl in her room for the relatives or the guests. It is a gesture to show love and for building good relations with everyone.

Source: Traam Pride of Kashmir

3. Isband soaz

Even if you don’t buy other copper items, Isband soz is one thing that you will find with every bride. The item has a plate like base with a tall cup like structure attached to it and a long handle.

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Image Source: Ribbons By Samar Shawl

The burning coal is put into the cup-like structure along with isband (a form of seed which is considered sacred after reciting dua of protection from evil eye). The smoke coming out of it is blown towards the bride to protect her from the evil eye.

4. Tram Posh

It is the set of Trammi and its cover that is usually filled with sweets these days. One gets them packaged directly from any sweet shop. The bride then offers these sweets to the guests who visit her in her new room.

Source: Ahmad Copper House

5. Kandkari plates

These are copper plates with a beautiful floral hand-carved designs on them. The plates can weigh anywhere between 1kg to 1.5kg per plate. The number of plates usually taken are a dozen or more depending on the number of family members. The plates are small tokens of gift for the immediate relatives of the husband.

Source: Ahmad Copper House

6. Dichvari

Dichvari is a pot shaped copper utensil used to cook food. Filled with almonds, it is usually gifted to sister-in-law. The whole custom is called as zaem-dagge.

Source: Ahmad Copper House

7. Thalban set/Kenzi set

It is a set of bowl and a plate (weighs around 2-2.5kg). It is generally used to eat food and not as a cooking utensil. Thalban is gifted to brother-in-laws and kenzi set is gifted to sister-in-law as a mark of respect and love towards new family members.

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Source: Traam Pride of Kashmir

Sometimes, turr-pyali (small copper bowls used to keep small amount of curry) and copper glasses are also included in the whole package of gift.

8. Tash ti near

It also comprises of two items – tash and near. One is a sink where water is stored at the base and the other is a flask from which water is poured. The weight of this item is between 15kg-25kg both combined. It is used for washing hands before eating meals and wazwan.

Source: Copper Craft

That sums up the list of all the copper utensils that a Kashmiri bride takes with her when she gets married. Please keep in mind to only buy the items that you would need.  Do not compare your budget with others and refrain from overspending money on your wedding.

P.S: The featured image is from Wrap it by Annam and Ribbons by Samar shawl.

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