Aaaaaaaa!!! Is your special day on its way? We know you are excited. But don’t let that excitement get to your head.

A bride has to buy so many things for her wedding trousseau besides the lehnga and jewellery that she forgets to focus on tiny yet important things related to the two. But don’t worry. The makeup artist Nida Nazir was gracious enough to share a few tips for the same from her experience with the brides.

Let’s check them out.

1. Color of outfit

The colour of your outfit is what makes and breaks your entire look on your special day. Check out what colour suits you every day and go for that colour only.

Nowadays, all types of lehnga colors are available. Be it the bold red or the light pastel colors. If you see a bride wearing any specific color, that doesn’t mean it will suit you as well. Please select your outfit very carefully.

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2. Focus on your blouse

When buying or renting a lehnga, the sellers usually show you the lehnga skirt and not the blouse. Please make sure you see the blouse quality and work too. I have seen many brides with low-quality blouses and heavy lehangas.

If you buy your lehnga from outside the state especially Old Delhi, do check the blouse length. It’s usually short and will require a lace or some alteration. Once the blouse is ready, make sure it fits you well, especially near the shoulder area. Try your blouse 2-3 days prior to your wedding and make any necessary alternations.

3. Sleeves of your blouse

The sleeves of your blouse should have a good fit. Make sure they are loose enough for you to move your arms and tight enough to look classy.

Also, design your sleeves according to your mehndi design. Do not cover your mehndi with your sleeves. If you are wearing full sleeves or 3/4th sleeved blouse, plan your mehndi design accordingly. Why waste money for that extra mehndi unless you are a mehndi lover? 😊

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4. Dupatta

Take care while selecting the dupattas. If your outfit comes with 2 dupattaas, one should be lightweight. The lightweight dupatta will go on your head and the heavier one will be draped over. Do not go for velvet shawls, please. They are very long and unnecessarily heavy. Brides are not comfortable in them most of the times.

5. Jewellery

Besides lehnga, jewellery defines a bride. If your forehead is small, please avoid matha patti. A small mang tikka that fits your forehead will do. Also, a matching jhoomar will do.

Source: Our Vivid Impressions

If your forehead is big, a matha patti will look very good on you. If you are not wearing one, do not wear small mang tikkas, instead, go with big ones.

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Source: Creative Photography Kashmir

Also, your jewellery should not look overcrowded. I know we want to wear every jewellery piece on our wedding because lukh kya wanan, but try to avoid that. Wear 1-2 neckpieces so that they complement each other. Do not stack neckpieces one over another.

Every bride is different. What suits on one will not look good on another. I hope the above tips will help you with your wedding shopping.

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Author: Nida Nazir