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Most frequent questions and answers

How does Khandar Studio Matrimony work?

After you register on our website, we build a database of prospective brides and grooms. We will share a list with you where you can see basic details of prospects. You can go through it and see which one matches your requirements. 

Where can I see prospects?

You can see list of prospects here 

List is also below on page

I/We liked one profile how do get their details

In order to protect privacy we do not disclose names in public. We will only share name, fathers name, mothers name and contact details with people who are only genuinely interested. We will share details only if you pay confidentiality fee of 200Rs/contact. In case you want to get details of complete list it will be charged for 5000 INR for one gender ( would not include contact number, you can ask us for contact of 20 people we will share with no extra charge)

How do I make a payment to khandar studio

Google Pay gyawun02@oksbi
JK Bank Account 0278011110000041
Pay using card

How do i contact the prospect

After we give you the contact details of prospects you can contact them directly. But most people are not comfortable directly communicating with each other. You can also use our service in which we will forward the prospect your complete biodata and get their yes or no on it. In this way you do not directy communicate to each other, only if its a yes then you can talk to each other  

What are charges for sharing biodata with prospect

We charge 500Rs/Contact for Biodata sharing. We will contact you if anything in your bio data is missing