17 Pictures That Define the Essence of a Kashmiri Wedding

We all love our cultures and we take great pride in it, as it is a part of who we are. Every culture with its unique flavor, value, and significance presents different ways of life. Weddings in different cultures have a unique aroma, we can say that it is the representation of the respective culture; it is a part of its identity.

We would like to introduce you to a rich vibrant aroma of Kashmiri weddings, captured in the following pictures. Here you will get a gist of our culture and wedding ceremonies.

Let’s start right away.

1. Kashmiri Wedding Songs

No matter what part of the world you come from, where there is a wedding there are songs and music. Celebrations are inseparable from music and vice versa, it’s an unbreakable unity. Kashmiri’s use musical instruments like tumbaknear (shown in the picture).

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2. Bridal Mehndi

This picture depicts Maenzraat, also known as Mehandi ceremony, in which henna (Mehandi) is tattooed on the bride’s hands and feet by male or female mehndi artists. Even though it might take more than five hours to complete, it adds to the beauty of the bride. Guest can’t help but marvel at it!

3. Mehndi Plates and Candles

The night before the aab sherun is the night of Maenzraat. Heena is a dark brown organic dye, which is carried or presented on these Mehandi plates decorated with flowers and candles, adding to the nobility of the ceremony.

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4. Groom’s Mehndi Ceremony

Here henna is being applied to the groom’s little finger or pinkie. Later, 500 or 2000 rupees note will be wrapped around it as a sign of good omen. It is a part of Maenzraat or Mehandi ceremony.

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5. Wedding Trousseau

A bride thoroughly selects her possessions which she will take to her new home after the wedding. The image depicts beautifully decorated copper utensils including samovar, dry fruit bowl, izband soz, etc.

6. Aab Sherun Ceremony

The morning after the Mehndiraat, the bride takes a bath as a sign of a new beginning known as ‘ghusl’ accompanied by her mother, elder sister, or a friend. The bride is ready for the Aab sherun ceremony.

She is wearing Pheran, a traditional Kashmiri dress embroidered with tilla (silver and golden thread). The pheran is usually worn along with the antique silver jewelry.

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7. Bride Reciting Quran

Part of the Aab sherun ceremony, the bride offers two Rakats of namaz and recites the verses from the holy Quran.

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8. Wedding Decor

A wedding without decoration is inconceivable. Decoration induces a cheerful mood, magnifies the beauty of the occasion, provides an excellent backdrop for wedding photos, and leaves a taste of nostalgia for years to come.

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9. Wedding Tent

Talking about decorations we cannot forget the wedding tents, under which most of the Kashmiri wedding events take place. Who wouldn’t want to attend a wedding where the grand tent set up feels like a royal silk castle?

10. Arrival of Baraat

Ah! The most waited time of the wedding – the arrival of ‘Baraatis’. Everyone waits for the majestic procession of the ‘Dulha’ accompanied by relatives behind him.

11. Starters Served to Baraat

Refreshments (juice and dry fruits) are served to ‘baraatis’ so that they can rejuvenate, and continue with the ceremonies to come.

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12. Wazwaan

The feast in Kashmiri weddings is known as ‘wazwaan’ served in ‘trammi’ or ‘traem ’ – a beautiful copper platter as depicted. The predominant ingredient is lamb along with chicken. There are at least 15 different types of meat prepared under the supervision of the master chef (vaste waza).

13. Complimentary Wazwaan Things

Along with wazwaan, some complimentary food items are served to the guest, for any cravings left to be satiated! These include chutneys, salads, curd, cold drinks, etc.

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14. Time of Bidaai

Rukhsati, the hardest time of the event. The bride is preparing to leave her family to settle in her new home, while comforted by relative to ease the pain of departure. Perhaps she finds it hard to accept that she has to finally leave for a new, unfamiliar home.

15. The Bride Arrives at Sasural

With full glory, the bride arrives at her new home, welcomed by her mother in law. Despite the sorrow of leaving behind her family, it is also true that a bride awaits her arrival to her new home to start a new one.

16. Waiting for Mooh Dikhayi…

Adorned by gorgeous lehnga, heavy jewelry, heena, and her head draped with a Pashmina shawl, she sits gracefully to be admired by her new relatives, waiting for her ‘Muh Dikhai’ or Muhar Tullun.       

17. Final Goodbyes

The relatives of the bride leave her in her new home where they give her their blessings and bid final goodbyes. As she crumbles with the pain caused by the sad moment, she is being comforted by a relative.

Hopefully, you liked the collection of images depicting Kashmiri weddings in their full glory. As always we will wait for your suggestions or thoughts in the comments.

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Author: Nandan Singh