Food wastage is a big issue and a commonplace in Kashmiri weddings. We impatiently wait for the attendants to serve us the scrumptious wazwaan. However, the servings far exceed our cravings and it leads to wastage. The amount served per traemi can easily feed ten individuals.

Treating the food with reverence is part of consuming it. We understand that the number of dishes served is the sign of prestige, so it cannot be helped. But we can do some simple things to prevent food wastage on a personal level as a guest.

Let’s check them out.

1. Learn to say no to Waza

While eating, if the waza comes to serve you more dishes, denying him politely would be wise. Let others take their portion. But if you don’t want to eat something, just tell the waza not to put it for you. Not taking dishes that you wouldn’t be able to eat is a part of saving it.

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2. Save the rice

If the attendant observes that the rice is sufficient on your trami, he is not likely to serve another heap of it. Since there is a cascade of dishes to be served, you are better off enjoying them with a little amount of rice. Moreover, the rice would be utilized when the Ghostaba is served.

3. Pack it

Sometimes, the waza is too hospitable and serves you without your consent. Of course, he doesn’t do that himself. He has been instructed by the host, as for some people, the number of dishes served is considered directly proportional to their prestige. In that case, you are better off packing it in the bag provided to you. Don’t feel guilty about doing so.

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4. Managing belly space

Managing your belly space can play a crucial role in preserving the life-sustaining source. Few simple steps will help such as:

a) Refrain from eating anything before the wazwaan for at least three-four hours.

b) Do not drink too much water while eating wazwaan.

c) Know how much you can eat and take the same amount.

5. Be persuasive

You can use your social skills to persuade others to take the same steps mentioned above. Remember, that your actions convey a lot more than your words. Cultivating values within yourself is the first step before you pass them to others. Sometimes, if you just do the right thing consistently, people notice and change for the better.

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Do the right thing

These steps would not only help you to reduce the wastage of food but amplify the enjoyment derived from eating wazwaan. You might think that the amount saved will be insignificant. Remember if more people follow the steps that amount will be significant.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to practice it daily. So, why not start right away? We hope you take the initiative and make it a trend.

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Author: Nandan Singh