Every time the bride looks at her partner, her longing to become his, intensifies. The wonderful dreams that she knits with so much love and care, gives her a sense of infinite bliss. She feels like riding on the soft carpet weaved with the fabric of the serene clouds.

This is greatly magnified by her impression of observing other brides as children. Brides looked like they had descended from the heavens just for their wedding day.

But, every marvelous scene has a darker side. The troubles which every bride goes through, even the mere mention of them will send a chill down to your spine. Among all the hulla-bulla of a wedding, here’s what the bride has to face on her wedding day.

1. The layered make up

The makeup which makes her look breathtaking is like a fat mask made up of dough. Her skin suffocates and the sticky feeling of sweat and makeup mixed on her face is quite maddening. Remember how an itch feels when it is left unscratched? Imagine that under her makeup!

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2. The dead smile

A bride has to smile all day long and at every stranger. The moment she shows a sign of exhaustion and that curve goes upside down, she is frowned at. After all, a bride is the charm of a wedding. She has to make sure that she is lives up to the definition, even when her lips are sore.

3. The groaning stomach

As she goes through the ceremonies, slowly her stomach starts to ring and eventually, it roars! It becomes worse when everyone around her starts eating. She can’t help but take gulps and keep smiling as she bears waiting for her turn.

4. The uncomfortable clothes

The bridal clothes which make her look like a goddess become like a cage with no windows. Her skin aches to breathe and she craves to flee, but everyone is watching. She can’t even move a finger. It is a grand test of patience – one she has to pass no matter what.

5. The collapsing knees

The long hours of greeting the guests while sitting makes her knees almost give up. It is her sheer will that she continues to fulfill her duty. Taking the account of the hunger and clothes, this is a feat achieved in itself. Damn! She should be given an award for persistence.

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6. The barbed pins

If the clothes are like a cage, then the pins are the chains which keep them together. Imagine she cannot take a stretch when her muscles feel tired. When it comes to hairpins, it is even worse! Eventually, they start to hurt one body part a time.

Brides are Humans Too

If you flinch after reading this, it is quite natural.

People should consider these things. They should have this perspective of suffering caused to a bride while adhering to the social norms. If she has decided to keep it simple and comfortable, it’s her choice, we should respect that as a sensible and mature society.

When a bride cries at her rukhsati, it is considered sacred as it signifies the beginning of her new life. However, if a bride cries from piercing pain of hairpins, suffocation, and society woes, and you judge her on that, then ‘aapki insaaniyat aapse beshak khafa hogi!’

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Piece of Advice to the Groom

As a bride, one definitely thinks “He’d better be worth all of this trouble”!  If you are the groom, it is your responsibility to make her wedding days as wonderful and easy as it would be yours. Men should live up to their promises after their wedding too. Otherwise, there are a lot of things in the house that will be ready to be thrown at them if they don’t.

Anyway, if not for these troubles, weddings can still be a real pain in the neck! (quite literally). We praise all the brides for their sacrifice and wish them a happy wedding.

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Author: Nandan Singh