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A “Khandar” or a Kashmiri wedding is obviously much more than a celebration, it is the beginning of all new relations that are going to be with us for the days ahead. The beauty of this is that everything that we have captured in the cameras is equally remembered in our hearts.

From the uncontrollable heart beat during “Qubool Hai” to the emotional eye contact at the “Mohar Tulen” everything becomes so dear to the heart that whenever we remember, we actually can feel that within.

Remember that time when you were applying “Mehandi” on your “Maenzraat” while all your “Maenz Koor” were sitting around. Yes, that when you were looking beautiful with that bridal glow which was obviously not because of the makeup only but that inner happiness that you had. A memory for life.

The Journey

The wedding journey begins with the “Manzemyor” when he/she steps in for you to choose the perfect partner to the time where you actually hold your better half’s hand while heading to the “home” in the well-decorated car.

Make Your Work Easier

A Khandar has never been an easy step for it involves too many tasks such as hiring a photographer, makeup artist, mehndi artist, and more. But vividly it has been beautiful for all of us.

Although Wazwan, Maele Maenz, Maenzraat, Yenwoul, Wathal, Satem Saal, Phir saal become our prime responsibility during days of the “Khandar”, we all know how much we love to enjoy every moment. Sadly, we spend too much time looking for the wedding vendors that we forget to enjoy the moments.

Make Wedding Memories More Special With Us

That’s where we step in. At Khandar Studio, all these memories will be beautifully showcased for all of us to enjoy and remember. And to make it easy for you, you will find all such wedding vendors on our platform. Choose the right one according to your budget.

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