9 Perfectly Captured Rukhsati Moments That Will Make You Cry

The diversity of Kashmiri culture is vast, grand, and beautiful. One representation of this grandeur is Kashmiri weddings. Every desi wedding has various ceremonies and rituals depending on where you come from, but one ceremony that is common to all is known as Vidai/Bidai/Rukhsati.

Rukhsati is the time when the bride has to bid goodbye to her family. It is one of the most heartbreaking moments of any wedding – celebrating unity of two lives on one hand and melancholy of bride leaving many relations behind to nurture new ones on another hand. The wedding photographers of Kashmir have captured the emotional moment impeccably.

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Here, presenting to you 9 rukhsati pictures that will break your heart.

1. A mother nurtures her daughter and prepares her for the new home all through her life. She knows her daughter would be the gardener of another family where she would look after old trees and nurture new saplings of life. Amidst the celebrations, the mother knows that her beloved child will not belong to her anymore.

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Photo by Kashmir Wedding Frames

2. The final departure is a doorway to a new life but a very difficult one to pass through. The very thought of leaving her family breaks the daughter and when the moment arrives it is arduous to accept. The bride going through the same is assuaged by a member of the family.

Photo by Our Vivid Impressions

3. After mothers, boys look up to their elder sisters, for they not only help in completing school assignments but also advise on how to impress the girl next door, keep important secrets and many other things. As he is breaking apart realizing a big gap left to be fulfilled, sister comforts her brother one last time before she leaves.

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Photo by Afreen Studio

4. Seeing that the newlywed bride awaits her new journey of life and might face tough situations, the man endows her with protection and prosperity.

By MGS Wedding Photography

5. The time has come and his beloved sister has to leave. The brother presents one last token of love to bid goodbye.

By Kashmir wedding

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6. As the Brides scuffles with her emotions, her family member tries to alleviate her discomfort with all his effort, even though it offers a little ease to the bride but gives her sweet memories.

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Photo by Afreen Studio

7. It is the wish of every grandparent to see their grandchildren happily married. They offer unrivaled affection, world-class stories, and wisdom. The old man humbly gives his blessings and love to his granddaughter.

By Creative Photography Kashmir

8. Men are always seen as a strict disciplinarian, being emotional is not expected from a typical man. At this much awaited moment of his life, the tall ice wall seems melting by the overwhelming warmth of emotions amplified by tears of his daughter.

By Kashmir Wedding Frames

9. The most expressive guardians melt first. As the man crumbles in grief, she cheers him with a graceful smile. That’s why they say, girls are really special. No matter what the situation, girls will always try to cheer you up.

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