Congratulations! A little birdie told us you got engaged. As soon as the ‘thaph’ phase starts getting over, it must have hit you that it’s time to start preparing for the wedding and the wardan.

The wardan or the trousseau includes the items that the Kashmiri bride takes to her new home after her wedding. The list usually includes items that she would need in her new life.  It’s a huge list and contains things ranging from clothes to makeup and accessories.

Fun Fact: The list would make you believe you are going on a journey to the Moon where you wouldn’t find anything. So, don’t get scared.

In order to let you focus on other things, we have curated the wardan list for you. Here you will find all the items that are part of the Kashmiri trousseau list.

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Let’s begin.

Clothes – Dress Like a Queen

As Kashmir has totally different weather in summer and winter, two sets of clothes are required – winter and summer. Other than that, there’s the 7-day bridal collection. Let’s check them out.

Bridal Wear

  1. Mehandi day and Mehandi evening suits
  2. Aab sherun pheran
  3. Bridal lehnga
  4. Seven heavy suits for seven days
  5. Morning suits for seven days
  6. Seventh day suit
  7. Phirsaal suit
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Summer Collection

  1. Home suits
  2. Casual wear suits
  3. Party wear suits

Winter Collection

  1. Winter suits
  2. Sweaters (full and half)
  3. Shawls
  4. Pherans
  5. Warm stoles/scarfs
  6. Thermal sets
  7. Coats

To keep all the heavy items such as shawls and suits safe, you should buy covers or bags for them.

Accessories – they make everything better

The clothes are incomplete without accessories such as shoes, bags, and other things. Here’s the list.


  1. Casual and party wear foot wear (sandals, flats, juti, shoes, etc.)
  2. Bathroom slippers
  3. Room slippers


  1. Handbags
  2. Clutches [bridal and casual]
  3. Wallets

Other Accessories

  1. Watch
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Hijabs/Stole (Buy hijabs online)

Makeup Products – People will stare, make it worth their while

Once clothes and accessories are done, it’s time to check the makeup list. We suggest buying only the things that you would use in the future. If you don’t apply makeup regularly, do not go on a makeup spree just for the sake of your wedding.

Makeup Items

  1. Astringent
  2. Blusher
  3. Compact
  4. Concealer
  5. Cleanser
  6. Eye Liner
  7. Eyebrow pencil
  8. Eyebrow Shaper
  9. Eyelash curler
  10. Eyeshade kit
  11. Face pack
  12. Foundation
  13. Glycerin
  14. Kajal/Surma
  15. Lip Liners
  16. Lipstick
  17. Lip Gloss and lip balms
  18. Mascara
  19. Manicure Pedicure set
  20. Makeup brush set
  21. Makeup Kit
  22. Makeup remover
  23. Makeup setting spray
  24. Nail polish
  25. Nail polish remover
  26. Nail Shaper
  27. Primer
  28. Rose Water
  29. Shimmer
  30. Sponge for applying makeup
  31. Toner
  32. Vaseline
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Other then the above-mentioned items, the following products are very important. It’s important to keep them handy.

  1. Tissue Paper Wet
  2. Tissue paper dry
  3. Cotton balls
  4. Cotton roll
  5. Tissue box

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Cosmetics – Glowing Skin is always in

Besides makeup items, you would also need the following cosmetics. These basically include skin, hair care, personal hygiene products.

Skin Care

  1. Body lotion
  2. Bleach
  3. Face wash
  4. Face scrub
  5. Face cream and lotion
  6. Moisturizer cream
  7. Sunscreen cream


  1. Juda pins
  2. Juda (Hair switch)
  3. Brooches
  4. Safety pins
  5. Rubber band
  6. Hair pins
  7. Clutches
  8. Hair spray

Personal hygiene

  1. Sanitary pads
  2. Wax Strips
  3. Hair remover cream

Fragrances – Smell good

Next in the list are the perfumes and other fragrances.

  1. Deo (Spray and roll on)
  2. Perfumes
  3. Talcum Powder
  4. Mouth freshener
  5. Room freshener

Essential Items – Small Things Matter

These are the small items that you would need on a daily basis. One may wonder why to take such small things as if the in-laws wouldn’t have them. But since you would need them regularly, it’s better to have your own.

  1. Comb
  2. Hair Brush
  3. Hanky Sets
  4. Hangers
  5. Keychains simple and silver
  6. Nail Cutter
  7. Nadakash/door kash
  8. Nada
  9. Naphthalene balls
  10. Pocket Mirror
  11. Socks (cotton, transparent, winter)
  12. Scissor
  13. Tweezer
  14. Thread Box
  15. Umbrella
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Washroom Essentials

As the name suggests, these go into the washroom.

  1. Bath soap
  2. Bath sponge
  3. Detergent Soap
  4. Body wash
  5. Foot scrubber
  6. Shampoo and Conditioner
  7. Soap Case
  8. Towel (hand, face, and big size)
  9. Toothbrush and toothpaste

Electronic Items

  1. Hair Dryer
  2. Hair Straightener
  3. Epilator
  4. Lady Shaver
  5. Iron

Religious Items

  1. Jai Nimaz (Prayer Mat)
  2. Quran Rehal
  3. Scarves and stoles


  1. Quilt Sets
  2. Cotton Quilt sets
  3. Bed covers
  4. Bed Sheets
  5. Blanket

Night Suit and Lingerie

  1. Nighty
  2. Night suit
  3. Slip (Shameez)
  4. Bra and Panty
  5. Lingerie sets
  6. Slips
  7. Legging for lehnga

Note: We request you to only buy the items that you would need. Just because they are listed here doesn’t mean you have to buy them. Every bride is different. Take a moment and think what’s essential for you.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below or contact us.

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