What makes any culture special first of all? We can say it is their food, dressing style, traditions, ceremonies in different events, habits, and people. From culture to culture, these things take new forms, types, and meanings. Hence, representing the identity of the native culture.

Our Kashmiri weddings are no different. We have our own customs, traditions, and things that contrast our culture from others. So, let us present some surprising, some funny, and some beautiful things to you that make our Koshur weddings special.

1. Tashnaer

Where else will you find someone bringing water for you to wash your hands? In Kashmiri weddings, you wash your hands in Tashnaer before you are served the wazwaan.

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Tash is a teapot shaped vessel filled with water and Naer in which the attendants wash your hands so that you can lick your fingers after eating the delicious wazwaan.

2. Trami and Sarposh

If you are used to eating alone, a Kashmiri wedding will make you rethink your life decisions. Unless you are late or have some ailment, you are supposed to eat in a trammi with three others, while the attendants serve you the different meat dishes, chutnis, salads, and other things. The list goes on and on!

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Trami or a Traem is a beautifully engraved copper platter on which dishes are served. It is covered with a lid known as Sarposh that keeps the food warm.

3. Mawal flowers

The use of Mawal flowers is very important in the preparation of Wazwan. It is used with or without the Kashmiri chilies to give flavor and the red color to the Wazwan.

4. Kehwa – our own green tea

If you like tea, you will definitely love the Kahwa. It is served before wazwan and on every special occasion. It is mainly brewed with whole spices and herbs in a samavar, resulting in a light green hue, and turns golden with saffron. A great beverage to refresh yourself!

Kehwa is accompanied with traditional Kashmiri breads such as shirmal and kulche.

5. Wazwaan

We are very proud of our luxurious meal, the Wazwan – made with a fine selection of spices, waza’s devotion, and lots of time!

It is a significant part of any event in Kashmir. Be it a wedding ceremony, engagement ceremony or even a conference. Wazwaan is not just the food. It’s an experience. Words won’t do justice to it. You need to live it.

6. Food Packets

We are very sensitive towards food and we don’t like to waste it. As wazwaan is served in trammi where you eat with three other people, each gets their share. So, if want, you can pack it and take home. Proper packets are given to every guest for the same purpose. One shouldn’t feel guilty about doing so as it reduces food wastage.

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7. Dry fruits

Any wazwaan meal is incomplete with dry fruits. Not only the sweet dish, but you will find it in dishes like yakhni, pulav, and others. The baraatis and the Mehraaz are also served with dry fruits along with refreshments.

Source: Mir Arts

8. Traditional Kashmiri Pheran

The Pheran is not only an important part of our culture but of our weddings as well. The bride wears a Pheran with tilla embracery in the Aab Sherun ceremony, which is unthinkable without it.

9. Kadal-e-taar: stopping the returning baraatis!

Don’t worry, this is a cheerful ceremony in which the groom’s friends stop his car after rukhsati on a bridge and won’t let him pass unless the groom pays them. We can say it is needed to lighten the mood of baraatis after the melancholic Rukhsati ceremony.

10. The hospitality     

Our hospitality is unmatched and unique in its own way. We like to receive guests and even more, love seeing them comfortable and cheerful. There is nothing more distasteful to us than an unsatisfied guest.  Particularly, the one who doesn’t eat properly. If you say that you are sick and cannot eat, that is heard as ‘Yes, I want some more!’ So, your excuses will be in vain.

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11. Kashmir itself!

Kashmir is natural heaven, and the kings and the nobles have made efforts to make it more heavenly. As a result, it has a variety of wonderful locations for shoots and weddings. Of course, the pictures will naturally be stunning. All this will result in sweeter memories overall.

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We can go on and on to discuss our culture and traditions. What are the things that make Kashmiri weddings special according to you? We will wait to hear from you in the comments below.

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Author: Nandan Singh